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June 15 to July 17 

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24-25 School Year Calendar Released

When is Christmas break??

The Lower School Just Got Cooler

LFDCS has taken the first steps to beautify its campus by planting 12 trees at the lower school on West St. In a joint effort between Groundwork Lawrence and the LFDCS STEM Department, phase one of three is completed. The goal behind planting trees around campus is to: 

- Attract birds

- Provide shade to reduce temperatures

Trees go a long way in creating a stable ecosystem by providing shelter for animals and retaining storm water. 

Keep an eye on our campus throughout the summer for more trees and amenities all going towards making LFDCS a more beautiful place to learn and grow.

Many thanks to our STEM Coordinator, George Masterson, and Groundwork Lawrence for their efforts!

24-25 Supply List

 Please see the list of supplies by grade. 

Updated on 6/12/2024

Mr Santana’s Egg Drop 2024

During their last week of science, the graduating 8th grade class took on the timeless challenge of fragile egg verses the relentless force of gravity! In Mr. Santana's Egg Drop Challenge 2024, the students had one class period to design, and one class period to build a design model that could withstand the plunge of over 20-feet! Here are some of the student projects, their egg designs, and the results!

"The students learned about important physics concepts such as forces, air resistance (drag), impact, and momentum."

The students learned about important physics concepts such as forces, air resistance (drag), impact, and momentum. They also learned engineering concepts through building thoughtful designs that included padding, parachutes or propellers, and other cool scientific ideas! They also got to work in teams and work on their collaboration skills. Most of our teams survived the fateful fall from the STEM center roof, with just a few teams cracking under the pressure. Overall, it was a blast both for the students and for the teacher. It's safe to say the Class of 2024 will definitely remember the excitement of Mr. Santana's Egg Drop 2024!