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Lawrence Family Development
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"strengthening families
building community"

About LFD, Inc.

The history of Lawrence Family Development, Inc. (LFD, Inc.) begins with the founding of the Lawrence Youth Commission (LYC). In 1988 the electorate of the City of Lawrence passed an ordinance creating the LYC under the City’s Charter. This new organization was charged with the mission of developing the educational and leadership potential of inner city youth and young adults in Lawrence. Through community service programs, youth and young adults were given an opportunity to discover their own skills and potential. As young people became assets to their community and role models for their peers, they were now seen as successful young men and women working to improve their lives and community.

During its early years the Commission’s status precluded it from private fundraising activities. This limited the scope of services the LYC could provide. To address this concern, the Lawrence Family Development and Education Fund, Inc. was established in 1992 as a separate 501(c)(3) entity designed initially to support the work of the Lawrence Youth Commission. However, the founders soon recognized that youth development could not be addressed in a vacuum and that family development must play an equal role in any plan to improve the well being of the community as a whole. As a result, a wide range of issues important to families in the City of Lawrence were examined; and programs focused on citizenship education, English as a Second Language (ESL), minority leadership and youth advocacy in the areas of higher education and career development were put into place. These programs have prepared a strong core of Hispanic leaders and focused our efforts on building a community of learners through service and educational development. In 2016, the Lawrence Family Development, Inc. changed its name to Lawrence Family Development, Inc. and in 2018 changed its name to Lawrence Family Development, Inc. d/b/a Lawrence Prospera. There are two major components of the work which we do at the Lawrence Family Development, Inc. d/b/a Lawrence Prospera:

Alternative Youth Development Programs located at 417 Canal Street, Lawrence, MA


Safe and Successful Youth Initiatives

Maria del Pilar Quintana Family Center located at 404 Haverhill Street, Lawrence, MA

providing adult education classes and services in Citizenship as well as English as a Second Language


LFD, Inc.’s Board of Directors is comprised of 10 individuals representing various segments of the community in the public and private sectors. The board meets a minimum of 4 times per year, and the Executive Director manages the organization as a whole.

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