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 “Strong families, working in partnership with the school as advocates for academic achievement, will create an environment where every child has the opportunity to acquire the foundation skills and habits of mind that foster life-long learning, citizenship participation, and personal fulfillment.”

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“Lawrence Family Development is so grateful for the support from the community which we receive. 
We are pleased to announce the donation of seeds for our school-based, raised bed gardens.
Thank you to Johnny’s Seeds of Maine for helping us start our gardens!”


Random Quote

" I have not failed 1000 times; I have successfully found 1000 ways that do not work. "
Thomas Edison

Congratulations K-2 and Grade 1 Model Students

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Model Students Board Unveiled at Academy PDF Print E-mail

This past week following the  K-2 award ceremony, K-2 and Grade 1 model  students were invited  to come down for the unveiling of our new "Model Students" bulletin board.

This is our way of honoring these students for their accomplishment and they were absolutely thrilled! 

Kuumba Singers of Harvard College Performs for LFDCS PDF Print E-mail

On Thursday, January 21, 2016, Lawrence Family Development Charter School (LFDCS) hosted two forty-five minute performances by the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College. These performances, one for the Upper School students (grades 5-8) and a second for the Lower School students (grades 2-4), took place in the school’s gymnasium. Each of the performances concluded with a question and answer period between the singers and LFDCS students.

These performances were arranged by former Kuumba Singer, Genithia Hogges, who is the Lawrence Family Development Charter School’s music instructor. In addition to providing a musically enriching experience, Kuumba’s visit allowed LFDCS students to see, hear, and meet college students from a wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Miss Hogges explains, “In a school that espouses family development, it is vital for students to see college as a realistic goal. This requires that they meet college students who look like them and come from similar circumstances. Too often, students wait until high school to think about college. They do not know what it takes to apply, be accepted, and successfully graduate with a college degree. They do not know what college life is like. In short, they are not ready, so when the time comes, they are left behind. Meeting members of Kuumba can begin to address these issues, planting a seed in the minds and hearts of our students and encouraging them to strive for the excellence necessary to achieve the goal of attending and completing an undergraduate degree”.

The Harvard College website describes the Kuumba Singers by sharing that the group was “established in 1970 by Black students at Harvard College who sought to create a space in which they could celebrate their creativity and spirituality. In an era of ‘Black Power’ and Black pride, immediately following the 1968 assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the choir emerged as a source of community, spiritual inspiration, political motivation and cultural stimulation among the small but growing number of Black students at Harvard. The group chose the name ‘Kuumba’ (Swahili for ‘creativity’) because it best captured the choir’s intent to reflect the creative genius of Black people through the rich diversity of Diasporic music and cultural expression”.

According to LFDCS Principal, Dr. Susan Earabino, “hosting the Kuumba Singers provides our students an opportunity to see their potential futures through watching college students of color performing music that varies from what many of our students listen to every day. LFDCS tries to expand students’ “field of vision” through weekly music classes including a partnership for weekly strings instrument lessons with Phillips Andover. This program also relates to how the school prepares its students for their years beyond elementary school. As a rigorous academic school, Lawrence Family Development Charter School offers opportunities in the arts, which support students with making links among academic, creativity and culture.

LFDCS Offers Movie Night to K-1 through Grade 4 Families... PDF Print E-mail

On Friday, November 20, Lawrence Family Development Charter School families enjoyed watching the movie, Inside Out, in the school’s gymnasium, 400 Haverhill St. 300 children and their parents enjoyed a fun evening with refreshments and raffle prizes.  Board members also joined the merriment for this third annual event which the school offers to its families at no cost.  “We see this event as a way, during the Thanksgiving season, to say “thank you” to our wonderful families”, said Ms. Zori Davidovich – the school’s Parent Liaison.  In partnership with staff members, who volunteer their time for this special evening, Ms. Davidovich developed this activity as a way to bring the school’s families together for an evening that celebrates the school’s commitment to academic achievement and parent involvement. 


LFDEF, Inc. & LFDCS Host STEM Center Ribbon Cutting PDF Print E-mail

On Thursday, October 22, Lawrence Family Development Education Fund, Inc. and Lawrence Family Development Charter School celebrated the ribbon cutting for the new LFDCS STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Center. This event marked the official opening and unveiling to donors, parents and community stakeholders. Attendees, in awe of the new facility, expressed gratitude to:

  • Holt & Bugbee Foundation - a family-owned, socially-responsible company in Tewksbury impressed by its Hispanic workforce. With a STEM Center donation, the company is eager to contribute to the workforce of tommorow…….
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kingman Webster - who donated their STEM gift to fund some of the STEM Center’s technology resources……
  • Ms. Cynthia Alekel Mohr & Family – a close friend of Lawrence Family Development Charter School and one of the first donors to the STEM Center. Her gifts to the Center were made with love for the students of Lawrence, where she was educated……
  • The Stevens Foundations – an ongoing supporter of Lawrence Family Development – the Foundation shows special concern for creating opportunities for new immigrant populations in the Merrimack Valley……
  • Webster Family Fund of Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF) – a Fund which invests in Capital improvements.The funds awarded to Lawrence Family Development are from ECCF where Lawrence Family Development’s endowed high school scholarship fund is managed…..
  • Lawrence Family Development Facilities Team - attendees celebrated the tremendous skills and dedication of Lawrence Family Development’s Facilites staff members, who labored many hours to create a fabulous STEM facility for the school community…….

Student Ambassadors gave tours to benefactors, while also finding time to experiment with some of the new technology features of the Center. Students, faculty and guests marveled over the new 3D printer and flew one of the two drones available for student use. The STEM Center will be primarily used by students in the 5th through 8th grades. The Student Ambassadors that participated in welcoming guests and providing tours were: Grade 7 - Arianna Munoz, Albert Reyes, Kasey Bisono and Kelvin Lopez, Grade 8 - Adrian Rodriguez, Shamil Diaz, Ashley Lara and Samantha Hernandez. In addressing those gathered, the newly-hired LFDCS STEM Coordinator, George Masterson, quoted Sir Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

Click below to see pictures of the STEM Center Opening

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Videos PDF Print E-mail

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State Fair Winners Presentation to LFDCS Board 4.8.15

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Mr. Kelly - Learning Science Using Technologies

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Ms. Kealey's Fossil Lesson

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Hali Castleman & Emily Banta - ELL Summer Academy


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