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Student Educational Weblinks

Lower School (Grades 2-4)

IXL, IXL offers math practices for students. LFDCS purchased memberships for our students (Grade 1- Grade 8) who can get unlimited practices and track their awards/certificates online.

XtraMath, -XtraMath is an online math game that helps students master basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts which are the building blocks of your child's math education. Recalling the basic arithmetic facts quickly and easily is essential for success with fractions, decimals and multi-digit algorithms. Below is a video tutorial to help you learn more about XtraMath,

Learning Chocolate, Learning Chocolate is a visual-audio vocabulary website that helps students practice/learn both Spanish and English vocabularies. After reviewing the vocabularies, students can also play up to 5 fun games to see what they’ve memorized! To get started, choose the language preference on the Home page.

National Geographic Kids (Nat Geo Kids), Nat Geo Kids provides multimedia learning resources that teach kids about habitats, countries and culture. These interactive and visually-appealing resources captivate students’ attentions and motivate them for reading instruction.

BrainPOP Jr. (K-1-Grade 3):

BrainPOP (Grades 4-8):

BrainPOP Española (Grades 4 – Grade 8), -- BrainPOP provides animated movies, learning games and interactive quizzes. It covers topics within Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music, Health, Reading, Writing and Spanish. LFDCS purchased memberships for our students (K1- Grade 8) so that students can watch and learn from those resources at home. Please contact June ( if you have a question about your child(ren)’s account information.

DKfindout!, - DKfindout is an online encyclopedia that is designed for elementary school children. Children will be able to search age-appropriate multi-media resources and learn about diverse topics, such as presidents, space and the animal kingdom.

International Children's Digital Library (ICDL), ICDL provides a collection of free e-books from more than 40 countries and in 55 languages including Spanish and English. The site allows users to search for books by age, country, language, length or genre. Below are links for Spanish and English books.

PBS for Parents, - PBS for Parents provides valuable school-related resources and expert advice on the parenting issues. Check out the Expert Q & Ablog on Issues and Advice page. Also, visit Fun and Games for engaging, age-appropriate games from your children at home.

StoryJumper, StoryJumper allows parents and children to create/publish their own storybooks. Very young students might need some help with the text, but they'll do fine with the illustrations, created by dragging and dropping a series of images onto the page. Check out the library page to read stories written by other StoryJumper users,

WordArts: WordClouds, - WordClouds allows users to create “Word Arts” from text that you and your children provide. WordClouds gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text--change font style, layout and color schemes depending on your preference!

Cool School: where Peace Rules, - Coolschool is an online game that teaches children how to morally react to conflicting situations at school by asking them to choose their own behaviors.

Childnet, Childnet provides an e-safety guide for parents and is designed to help you as a parent keep up to date on how children should use the internet and shows you how to guide them appropriately at home.

YouTube Kids (**iPads App)- YouTube Kids is a kid-friendly portal to YouTube that features curated TV shows, music, educational videos and user-created content. Parents can set a timer on the YouTube Kids App; however, parents need to be aware that some videos have ads.