8th Grade ELA
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Monday 5/23/16
Film reviews are due on Wednesday for all classes.  You will receive extra credit for using five or more magic words.  Please be specific about your review (i.e. comments regarding camera angles, suspense created with shadow, director's choices for the characters, musical soundtrack, etc.).

Also, you should begin practicing presenting your portfolio in front of a mirror for fifteen minutes.  Remember, you shouldn't rely on reading from index cards.

The magic words are conscientious, ambitious, righteous, and malicious.

Tuesday 5/24/16
Your one-page review of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' is due tomorrow.

Also, please be sure to bring both your journals and text books with you to class.

Finally, continue to practice your portfolio presentations.  A conscientious student would come to class with any questions he/she has on this integral piece.