Grade 1 Presentations on Animals and Their Habitat Print

Each year the first graders do a research project about an animal and its habitat. They work on it for more than a month beginning after April school vacation. This year, parents were invited to work with their child and other children in the class to build the dioramas that accompany the research paper. There was an amazing turnout of parents wielding paintbrushes and glue along with imaginative props to fill the shoe boxes and transform them into jungles, oceans, deserts and forests. Ms. Barrett, LFDCS Art Teacher, worked with the students to create a clay model of their animal. Students made their cover on the ChromeBooks, but hand wrote the research paper. They practiced reading it, enunciating and speaking loudly to their peers. Presentations of their paper, most of them three or four pages long, their diorama and their animals were held on May 31. Fifty three parents took time out of their day to come in and listen to the papers and ask questions of not just their child but also lots of other children so no child felt left out. The first grade team is so very grateful for the participation of our parents. We appreciate you. Thank you!