Virtual 7th Grade Science Fair Print
Our 7th graders have just completed their science fair projects under the direction of Ms. Danielle Johnson. Despite working remotely, the projects were a big success and exemplified the spirit of scientific discovery and inquiry needed to solve real world problems in this rapidly ever-changing world. Congratulation to the entire 7th grade class. Our finalists are listed below but all projects can be seen here.
  • Lissette M & Michelle Z (7-2)
  • Xavier & Aliah M (7-1)
  • Lisibel S (7-2)
  • Amerly D (7-1)
  • Sophia B (7-3)
  • Hannaly & Janely P (7-3)
  • Jasmine B (7-4)
  • Darielys & Natalie (7-4)
  • Josmarie & Michael V (7-4)