LFDCS Board Honors Grade 7 student Jenilca Sanchez Print

LFD/LFDCS has a tradition of using student art as the cover to our annual Holiday Card.  Pieces of student art which reflect the holiday season are submitted by the Art Teacher and anonymously chosen by the the Leadership Team. The piece selected is then scanned on the cover of our Holiday Card which is mailed to donors of the organization along with a donor envelope. Thanks to those who donated, we raised over $3,000 for the scholarship fund.

This year's Holiday Card art contest winner, Grade 7 student, Jenilca Sanchez, was honored on Wednesday, January 8, 2019 at the LFDCS Board of Trustees meeting and presented with a framed picture of herself and the Holiday Card by board trustee, Anne Hemmer. A framed picture of the card and the student selected is displayed in the Foley Library along with past year's winners.

Jenilca's parents and brother and sister were also in attendance at the board meeting.

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