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YouthBuild-Lawrence Academic Instructor
Job Type: Full-time
Job Status: Sourcing
Date Posted: July 28, 2016
Start Date: Immediately
Job Description:

The Academic Instructor plans, develops, and provides oversight of YouthBuild students’ academic assessments, curriculum, instruction and postsecondary follow up. The Academic Instructor must provide a standards-based, rigorous instructional program focused on academic achievement and the development of 21st century skills. The Academic Instructor will ensure that ALL students will successfully master the content and skills necessary to obtain a HiSET, or high school diploma, college and/or career readiness skills. The Academic Instructor must incorporate differentiated instruction, project based learning, MCAS, SAT and Accuplacer preparation, credit recovery instruction and competency based and portfolio assessments.


  • Teach students with varying academic levels while integrating core academic subject matter, occupational skills, social justice issues, and culture

  • Develop program curriculum and lessons plans

  • Teach academic skills to students primarily in reading, writing, and social studies but comfortable assisting with basic math and science

  • Assess individual student progress and adapt curriculum and lesson plans to meet individual student learning and testing needs

  • Develop individual learning plans for each student and monitor student progress by updating plans regularly

  • Assess student readiness to take particular GED, MCAS and Accuplacer exams, and coordinate with staff regarding testing dates and scores

  • Keep student records and data in accordance with funders’ requirements and staff needs

  • Assist with the recruitment and intake assessment of prospective students

  • Enter individual student academic data into internal data management information system

  • Provide individual post-graduation academic remediation as needed    

  • Attend all staff meetings and participate in programmatic activities

  • Keep student academic data for all mandatory reports to local, state and federal affiliates

  • All other duties as assigned

Qualifications: *Minimum Bachelor’s degree in education; Master’s degree and MA Teacher Certification preferred with SEI endorsement
*Minimum three years’ experience teaching academic skills to high school students, young adults or adults *Teaching at-risk youth and ELLs preferred
*Experience with IEP, special needs modifications and accommodations
*Experience in differentiated instruction, project-based learning, MCAS, SAT and Accuplacer preparation, credit recovery instruction
*Experience in TABE, HiSET, competency based and portfolio standardized assessments
*Experience in curriculum planning and development
*Excellent interpersonal skills, including collaboration with staff, students and others around program issues, and team teaching
*Excellent oral and written communication skills
*Excellent computer skills
*Ability to work sensitively and effectively in a multicultural setting
Number of Openings: l
Highest finished education: College, University
How to Apply: Please send cover letter, resume, transcript(s) and certification(s) to hr@lfdef.org or mail to LFDEF, Inc. Attn: HR Manager, 34 West Street, Lawrence, MA 01841

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