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On April 4th, Superintendent/Director Ralph Carrero participated in a panel discussion held at the Lawrence Public Library to comment on and discuss the recent parent survey that was completed by Lawrence CommunityWorks regarding parent aspirations for Lawrence schools. The panel consisted of four panelists:  Superintendent Carrero, Receiver Jeff Reilly, a Lawrence Pubic School high school teacher and a parent of a Lawrence Public School student. There were four major findings of the survey: 1. Strengthening relationships between Lawrence parents and teachers; 2. Learning from successful practices of Lawrence charter schools in engaging parents and promoting educational excellence: 3. Increasing after-school programming opportunities; and 4. Focusing on improving the health and well-being of the children.The survey was sponsored by the Massachusetts Charter School Association and Lawrence CommunityWorks, a non-profit organization that works with many parents and members of the Lawrence community for the betterment of their neighborhoods.

Upon return to LFDCS, Mr. Carrero met with parents at the monthly parent coffee gathering and asked them to provide feedback regarding the LFDCS parent engagement program and what makes it so strong. The following were some of the excerpts from parents:

  • Parents felt they were thoroughly informed of their children’s academic performance—LFDCS has a record six years of 100% attendance for parent-teacher conferences.
  • Flexibility of the school to meet with parents whether in early mornings or late afternoons.
  • Home visits prior to the start of the school year for new parents and students.
  • Level of communication in a timely manner regarding all aspects of the school and events including cancelations.
  • Personalized attention - the fact that the school recognizes parent names, their children’s needs and the culture of “family involvement.”
  • Comfort knowing that the entire school staff is accessible to them for their concerns, needs and suggestions.
  • “Orderly” structure of the school that creates a culture of high expectations.
  •  Cultural awareness of the families and the dual-language program.
  • Ability of the school to identify student needs and provide successful early intervention strategies so students don’t fall behind.
  • Ability of the school to engage parents in the rigor and relevance of the curriculum of  the school.

Click here to see the full report regarding Parent aspirations for Lawrence’s schools.

Click below to view pictures of the Parent Panel Discussion.

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