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Grade 7 Science Fair – Let’s Talk About It!

There was a lot of talk, discussion, questioning and conversing at the recent Grade 7 Science Fair held at the Upper School Gymnasium. Fifty-two grade 7 students showed judges that not only were they able to carry out a Science Fair project but they also knew how to communicate their ideas through their trifold and presentation combination. They practiced and were prepared to tell judges why their project mattered or the “So what?” factor that is often talked about in Science class.


The Science Fair celebrated what students learned about their chosen scientific question. Over the course of three months, they had written research papers, refined scientific questions, designed and modified experimental design, carried out experiments and drew conclusions.


Students were judged on how well they performed multiple experimental trials and kept detailed notes and observations during the project. The scoring rubric at the fair emphasized the scientific approach taken by the students and the depth of knowledge about their research topic.


The first place winner was Luis Franco, whose project on enhancing plant growth with tea leaves showed thoroughness in experimental procedures, observations and conclusions. In second place was Jayleen Jaimie, and in third place was Brichelle Peña.


This year’s judges noticed how confident students talked about their projects and knew how it related to the real world. Several of the projects were on topics that related to jobs, such as making a model of how cholesterol effects blood flow, long-board wheel design that enhances performance and clocks versus sun dials for accuracy rates.


This event is another example of how LFDCS students continue to “Reach for the Stars!”

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