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In the area of dissemination, LFDCS provides models in an urban community for success with a High Needs population for replication and best practices. A number of forums and activities allow LFDCS to share its best practices. These are available to community members and other professionals to assist with an understanding of cultural and common factors in education and family development. Throughout the year, LFDCS supported the leadership team of the Lawrence Public Schools, and this support included multiple observations of LFDCS’ RTI model and 2-year kindergarten program. During this school year, LFDCS increased its “Good News” forums and parent coffees while it actively worked with the Lawrence Public Schools as a partner for the Gates Compact. LFDCS invited Communities of Practice from the Massachusetts Charter School Association to visit our school to see classes and teacher professional development “in action.” In SY’2013-2014, the Department of Education Research Planners identified LFDCS as one of “ten bright spots” in the Commonwealth for consistent student growth (while statewide, growth is flat) which resulted in a panel of K-4 educators and administrators meeting at LFDCS to discuss successful strategies in Early Literacy. LFDCS’ provided support to the Massachusetts Charter School Association in SY’2013-2014 which included ELL directors from twenty schools attending full-day visits to LFDCS. These visits allowed participants to do classroom observations of ESL instruction, participate in a mock RTI session and interact with a teacher-led panel which detailed how LFDCS supports ELLs through both instruction and Sheltered English Immersion (SEI). A major dissemination accomplishment in the spring of 2014 was the approval of LFDCS’ Management Organization, Lawrence Family Development, Inc., as a Preferred Provider/Turnaround Operator for public schools in need of assistance. This approval resulted in the signing in June 2014 of an agreement with Lawrence Public Schools to operate the Lawrence Family Public Academy beginning in the fall of 2014. It is through this Preferred Provider/Turnaround Operator for targeted assistance vehicle that LFD anticipates significantly expanding its dissemination of its practices. The 2-year contract is for the fall 2014 opening of the Lawrence Family Public Academy that will operate as a duplicate, in most ways, of the conditions for success of Lawrence Family Development Charter School. It is expected that this initiative will have the potential for replication as a city-wide early childhood program, in four zones, and will have a dramatic impact for student achievement. By focusing on early literacy—building foundation skills in literacy and math—students who complete the two-year program are expected to enter first grade as fluent readers allowing them to maintain grade-level proficiency across the grades. It is anticipated that the two-year pilot will become the incubator for teacher training to implement a 2-year kindergarten program by preparing new staff every two years to move on and open at each of Lawrence’s new early childhood sites.




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