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Dissemination Efforts

For the first year of the 2015-2020 charter, LFDCS provided varied models for replication of its best practices. During SY’2015-2016 the following forums and activities through which LFDCS disseminated its practices are listed below:

  • Adopted Schoology as a Learning Management System (LMS) for access to an e-base resource of LFDCS lesson plans, assessments and teaching activities. This LMS can be used 24/7 by the LFDCS community and allows our education partners to access, for dissemination purposes, curriculum and SEI supports for students.
  • Partnered for year two of a three-year agreement with the Lawrence Public Schools, for an early childhood targeted-assistance model. The Lawrence Family Public Academy has two LFDCS lead teachers who work onsite for curriculum sharing and instructional leadership and also includes access to the LFDCS curriculum drive in Schoology.
  • Implemented a new effort for teachers’ reflection with the Lawrence Public Schools’ partnership, by adding a new teachers’ mentor/mentee program with conversations, socials and classroom visits. Mentees are LPS teachers and mentors are LFDCS teachers.
  • Extended dissemination impact Commonwealth-wide by granting Schoology access, upon request, to video clips of LFDCS best teaching and SEI practices to members of the Massachusetts Charter School Association for their use in other urban classrooms.
  • Hosted two sessions about the LFDCS RTI protocols for the Massachusetts Charter School Association’s Community of Practice of ESL professionals.
  • Added to the district’s Learning Management System (Schoology) school-wide SEI instructional resources. These resources included materials developed in a professional development project which allowed teachers to build modules of successful practices for use by other public schools. Likewise, a similar project by SPED teachers was done to build school-wide instructional resources.
  • Participated in year 2 as a MPCSA Special Education Model Dissemination School and joined forums for information sharing and participated in activities.
  • Maintained a partnership with Merrimack College for a graduate education student’s one-year internship. After the internship, the result was the hiring of that intern as a teacher for SY’2016-2017.
  • Launched a partnership with Merrimack College for graduate students in health administration to work with the LFDCS’ nurses to do vision and hearing screenings. This project amplified LFDCS’ practices with health and family engagement.

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